England Civil War Causes Essay

What Were The Causes Of The English Civil War?

The English Civil broke out between 1642 and 1651 between the Parliamentarians and King Charles I's army. The Civil War was the beginning to many significant events, including the execution of Charles I and the rise of the Commonwealth of England. In this research task, I will explore the different causes that erected this war.

Some of the causes of the English Civil War include: lack of money, religion, foreign affairs, and King Charles' personality. It all started on January 4th, 1642. Charles called his troops to arrest five members of the House of Commons, but the attempt failed because they where warned and they fled before the troops arrived. Charles feared for his own selfish personal safety that people might turn against him, and so he left the London area. When he left London, he immediately he began recruiting soldiers and stockpiling military resources. On August 1642, Charles I officially began the war in Nottingham, and the Third Earl of Essex, Robert Devereux, was announced as the Parliamentary commander. Most of England took no sides in the civil wars. Both sides only had around 13 000 men during the first war. The Parliamentarians main aim in this war, is for Charles to have a more constructive attitude to parliament. But, unfortunately for Charles, Parliament was definitely luckier than the King's side. You see, the Parliamentarians could collect taxes to earn their money for resources, whereas King Charles I had to rely on donations to fund his armies from supporters. The Royalists' support mainly came from the North, West and Wales. Parliament was supported by the wealthier people from the South, East and also London. [Charles was] hoping for a quick victory, the war commenced on Edgehill by Essex on the 23rd October 1642.

The Lack of money proved to be a real big problem in the uprising of the English Civil War. When Charles was brought to the throne after his father (James VI) he had very little money. Straight after when the King came to the throne, the County Faction wanted Charles to go to war with the Catholics in Spain. According to bbc.co.uk, the County Faction was/is:"It is traditional to refer to the two factions in Parliament as Court and County; Court was effectively in the King's pocket, and County were MPs who tried to represent the views of the landowners."So without the money, Charles decided to turn on taxes to spend on the war. The Parliament refused to pay enough, so Charles I knew the war was hopeless. Therefore, Parliament blamed Charles for asking for more money. As Charles was a strong believer of the

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Causes of the English Civil War

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The civil war broke out in 1642, and was a war that is within a country, it has many reasons for happening. This essay will explain and categorise the main cause’s fop the civil war. I will start by listing the genres of events.

In the 1640’s power and politics were vital for social standard and anyone with power was important and respected so naturally and event such as the civil war would have had politics as one of the main issues for happening. Charles becoming king was obviously a cause because it was his decisions that influenced the war itself and him who raised the flag. Also in 1629 Charles decided to close down parliament because he felt they were exerting too much power than they should, also it almost seems as if Charles is afraid of parliament or jealous because he feels that he is entitled to the “divine right of kings” and seeing parliament using all this power made him feel as if he was less and not as important. This was then followed by the “eleven years of tyranny” which ended in 1640 when he recalled parliament due to shortage of money and mistakes he had made.

An interesting decision Charles made was to marry Henrietta a foreign royal, some people would have said this was purely religiously influenced because she was a catholic and people feared he married her because his desire was to make England catholic. Others have said that it was a power driven choice because he wanted to unite the two countries and gain more power. There are other more religious based events such as when Charles ordered Henry Laud to make a new prayer book which was to be read around the England. This caused an outrage between his people who could now no longer trust him. As if this wasn’t enough he then ordered the book to be read in Scotland this was in 1637 and was possibly one of his worst choices, this was because at the time Scots were angry that Charles hadn’t turned protestant because he was raised as protestant and on top of that they were extremely insulted that Charles would even for a second believe that they would accept this book. This then resulted in rampage and violence so the book was taken away.

The saying “money is the root of all evil” applies strongly in the making of the civil war.

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A short term cause that Charles made was that he needed more money, so he decided to make everybody pay ship money which was a tax that went towards the navy, this upset his people and angered them.

To conclude after look at all possible reasons for the civil war breaking out in 1642 I think the most strong and possible answer is when parliament passed the Grand remmonse because those rules that parliament applied have stuck with us all the way through and have changed history.

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