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Communication Essay


Defining Communication

A definition is a useful and logical place to start our exploration of communication. Definitions clarify concepts by indicating their boundaries. They focus attention on what is important about whatever it is we are defining. Unfortunately, no single definition of communication does this to everyone's satisfaction.

Communicating well or poorly can spell the difference between success and failure in human relationships of almost every kind. Most of us already have deeply established communication habits that serve us well or poorly and may be difficult to change. But whatever skill we may possess, we can always improve. Gaining in the ability to communicate with and influence other brings significant rewards.

Communication is the act of transmitting verbal and non-verbal information and understanding between seller and buyer. The process by which information and feelings are shared by people through an exchange of verbal and non-verbal messages. In the context of medical education, its primary function is to establish understanding between patient and doctor. In an atmosphere of effective communication, patients improve faster, cope better with post-operative pain, require less psychotropic drugs, and experience numerous other health benefits.

The creation of shared understanding through interaction among two or more agents. Communication depends upon interpretation of some message by the listener. Shared understanding is constructed through the detection and repair of misunderstandings (as opposed to a one-way transmission of data). The understanding created through communication can never be absolute or complete, but instead is an interactive and ongoing process in which common ground, i.e., assumed mutual beliefs and mutual knowledge, is accumulated and updated.

The interchange of ideas across space. Its fullest definition is the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source-point across a distance to receipt-point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt-point duplication and understanding of that which emanated from the source-point.

The process of transmitting and receiving messages. According to Roman Jakobson and others, an analysis of this process yields six factors: addresser, addressee, contact (or channel), context, code, and the message itself. Corresponding to these factors are six functions: emotive, conative, reference, metalinguistic (or metacommunicative), and aesthetic or poetic.

So far we've been using the word communication as if we agreed on what it means. Yet the word has many definitions. In 1970, communication theorist Frank Dance counted more than 100 distinct definitions of communication proposed by experts in the field. In the years since that survey, even more definitions have surfaced. By drawing from these multiple definitions, we can define communication as a systemic process in which...

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Communication Essay

512 words - 2 pages Oral communication is an essential part of today's business world. I believe that if I can excel at oral communication then I can excel at a career in Information Technology (IT).Listening and speaking is how we, as human beings, learn about the world around us....

Communication Essay

1447 words - 6 pages Communication embodies the ability for one to convey a message through the use of verbals (words) and non-verbals (behaviours) in a process to compare, transmit and interpret messages. Garside and Kleiner (2007) portrays communication as sharing thoughts and feelings with other people. For this process to be effective the message should be transmitted with "maximum accuracy and minimum effort" (Garside and Kleiner 2007) with "mindfulness"...


1216 words - 5 pages SITUATION      Four large US telephone providers merged to create a national wireless service. With a combined workforce of more than 30,000, the new company needed a communication platform to integrate its four business units. To quell the rumor mill and sustain productivity, it was important to keep employees abreast of breaking news about integration plans, customer and staffing issues, partner companies, public news...


2024 words - 8 pages In speaking to another person, we communicate our feelings, interests and desires. What we say, and how we say it, is an important tool in understanding each other. Defined, communication entails the transfer of information, such as thoughts and messages. ("Communication") Men and women, being different creatures, express their thoughts and messages differently.The ways in which they speak to each other are often misunderstood because...


1491 words - 6 pages This assignment discusses barriers to, and methods of, effective communication with people who are confused by reflecting on my experience in communicating with an elderly confused patient. Specifically, and within the scope of this assignment, I reflect on two methods of effective communication with elderly confused patients; one verbal (reality orientation) and one non-verbal (touch). During my first placement I was asked to assist in the...


583 words - 2 pages LoriCommunication comes in very many differentforms. Communication is the way that people relay messagesto each other. It is used many times to bridge the gapbetween different cultures. There are many ways ofcommunicating whether it be hand gestures to convey ourthoughts, body gestures, or speaking to one anotherverbally.One of these ways is sign language. Thereare many reasons...

Communication - 916 words

916 words - 4 pages Communication. Communication is important in a relationship. It is what sustains a relationship, pushes it forward and keeps it going. Without communication we would live our own complete separate lives, acting as if we were hermits. Communicating well and effectively is a major part in our everyday lives. In Marry Higgins Clark's The Cradle Will Fall we see what happens when people fail to communicate effectively. Relationships take work,...

Communication - 1265 words



1747 words - 7 pages Today many people still lack the ability to communicate effectively with in interpersonal relationships. It is through cooperation and collaboration that effective communication occurs. By analyzing and studying the communication process we can improve our ability to communicate effectively between one another. To have a successful interpersonal relationship one must first interact with others, which is called interpersonal communication (Hybels...

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1168 words - 5 pages Communication and Personality PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 6 IntroductionIn today's world there are many situations where individuals are negotiating everyday. Whether it's about a job, a place to live, with friends, at a place of employment, with coworkers or clients, negotiation is a technique used for two or more parties to come to an agreement in order to solve difficult issues. In the negotiating process the outcome for...

Communication - 1028 words

1028 words - 4 pages Communication is the process of creating or sharing meaning in informal conversation, group interaction, or public speaking. When we were assigning a group speech in our speech class I was a little intimidated. I do not like counting on other people for my grade. During this experience I learned how much I really couldn't count on anyone else. I didn't know anyone else in the class very well so I grouped up with some of the people sitting...

Essence of Communication Strategies and Writing Tips

Effective communication in our world depends much on the media and the right communication strategy. Thus, the most important question is how to find the right strategy to use the whole potential of media and make it an effective means in goal achievement.

As the result, the subject of communication strategies studies is how to understand and predict the behavior of customers, usage of communication tools, such as advertisements, selling, promotions, newspapers, radio, television, the Internet, and their effectiveness.

Key Points to Learn from Communication Strategies

Students have an opportunity to learn about advertising and promotions in different types of mass media. They are to understand the importance of their usage for the achievement of right pragmatic effect. Moreover, students analyze their effectiveness in the everyday life.

What is more, they should watch the behavior of the customers analyze it and come up with the answer, which communication tool is more effective in this or that situation. They learn how to conduct the successful communication campaign ad achieve set goals.

Students are to learn how to work in a team with the help of different group tasks and projects, where they are to create and also present their own campaign and show how it will influence the customer’s choice.

Writing Assignments and How to Cope with Them

Apart from teamwork and continuous analysis, students of Communication Strategies are to conduct the research are write its results down in the form of an essay or research paper. This assignment requires good writing skills and knowledge of the paper structure.

For example, the essay has to consist of an introduction, where you will present a problem in the form of a topic sentence. Then, you are to write several paragraphs in the main body, using research results, statistics data, surveys etc. to support your arguments. Finally, make a conclusion of your findings in the last paragraph of your essay. In addition to that, do not forget about the list of references, which should be formatted appropriately.

Unlike essays on scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, biology, geography etc. which style should be strictly scientific and all the statements, based on solid fact, an essay on Communication Strategies requires the usage of creativity, as you are to imagine the situation and act in accordance with its conditions. The usage of right communicative strategy depends on many factors, and your aim is to understand which one is the most suitable and why, and only after that, you are to explain your views in the essay.

Finally, do not forget to check your paper for any errors or ambiguities, as they may have a different effect on different readers.

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