Ood Case Study Executive Summary

Good and poor examples of executive summaries

This is a GOOD example from an Accounting & Finance assignment.

Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective profitability, liquidity and financial stability of Outdoor Equipment Ltd. Methods of analysis include trend, horizontal and vertical analyses as well as ratios such as Debt, Current and Quick ratios. Other calculations include rates of return on Shareholders Equity and Total Assets and earnings per share to name a few. All calculations can be found in the appendices. Results of data analysed show that all ratios are below industry averages. In particular, comparative performance is poor in the areas of profit margins, liquidity, credit control, and inventory management.

The report finds the prospects of the company in its current position are not positive. The major areas of weakness require further investigation and remedial action by management.Recommendations discussed include:
improving the average collection period for accounts receivable·
improving/increasing inventory turnover·
reducing prepayments and perhaps increasing inventory levels

The report also investigates the fact that the analysis conducted has limitations. Some of the limitations include:
forecasting figures are not provided nature and type of company is not known nor the current economic conditions data limitations as not enough information is provided or enough detail i.e. monthly details not known results are based on past performances not present

subject matter

methods of analysis



Recommendations (note that conclusions and recommendations can be bulleted)

Limitations of the report.

Excerpt from Woodward-Kron, R. (1997) Writing in Commerce: a guide to assist Commerce students with assignment writing, (Revised edition), Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, The University of Newcastle.

This is a GOOD example of an executive summary from a marketing report.

This is a POOR example of an executive summary from a marketing assignment

Executive Summary
Every time a business or consumer purchases products or services they display forms of buyer behaviour that are influenced by many factors. The following report looks at the fast food industry and will analyse four McDonalds’ key products and services.It highlights what type of consumer buying or business buying behaviours are displayed in the purchase of a product or service and explains why each behaviour may occur. This enables a conclusion to be drawn from applying theory to reality. Although a full comprehension of buying behaviour is impossible, since everyone is an individual, it is useful to reflect on common behaviours and attempt to divide behaviours in types and stages. Even McDonalds, a leader in marketing cannot always predict consumer behaviour.

Background to problem

Report’s aims
Outlines what information the report deals with but FAILS to provide a summary of the results gained, conclusions drawn and recommendations made. These are the functions of an executive summary and are absent in this example.
The information in this executive summary is vague rather than summarising what the report found.

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Purpose of Case Study

Sometimes the lack of understanding of case study and its purpose can make it difficult to work on the assignment. Despite the fact case studies are assigned so frequently, there are still numerous misconceptions that we’re going to clarify now. Before you learn how to write a perfect paper and get good grades, let’s focus on the purpose of this assignment.

A case study is an in-depth study of a particular situation, a method used to narrow down a very broad field of research into one easily researchable topic. A common misconception assumes that case study is just a statistical survey, but it’s more than that. A case study can be considered as an account of an event or activity and even a problem that contains the hypothetical or real situation. This type of work includes complexities you would encounter in the workplace and that’s the reason why professors assign case studies so often.

The purpose of the case study is to understand how complexities of real life (even if they’re just hypothetical) influence decision-making process of every individual. You, as a writer of the case study, learn more about yourself and decisions you make, why and how you make them. Analyzing a case study requires a writer to apply the knowledge and thinking skills to a real situation. These works are based on an in-depth investigation of a single individual, group, or event to explore causes of underlying principles.

As you can see, a case study isn’t the most difficult task in the world, but it does require a great deal of effort. When reading your paper, the professor can get a brief insight into the way you make decisions, think, and how you would handle different situations at workplace. This is exactly what school aims to accomplish – prepare you to handle every challenge that comes your way once you receive the well-deserved diploma. Writing a case study is much easier when you know what to do and where to seek help.

How will you go about improving your writing?

Don’t think of case study as some sort of a punishment that professor uses to torture the students. Instead, you should consider it as yet another opportunity to develop, assess, and improve your writing skills. Like all other types of papers you write during high school and college education, a case study is all about evolving. Every time you complete such a task, you gain more experience and improve the way you approach these assignments.

It’s not uncommon for people to believe they have no talent for writing and they shouldn’t bother anymore. Talented or not, your skills improve the more effort you make. Case studies seem aren’t as difficult as you believe, especially when you can use different tools to make the entire process significantly easier. Below, you can see tools that can help you out.

Look at other papers

Having a clear understanding of the purpose of the case study isn’t enough to compose a high-quality paper. The theory is one thing, but practice is the other. For example, you know what you’re supposed to do but aren’t sure how to make it happen. When this happens, you just need a little bit of inspiration. With Edusson’s Magic Help you can get inspired easily.

The Magic Help is a platform that every student should use, regardless of the major or level of college education. Not only can you find a multitude of topic ideas for every form of essay writing, but you can also read papers written by students just like you. While reading case study samples, you can get inspired to write your own. Reading always helps. As you’re going from one sentence to another and think about the scenario described by the author, you get tons of ideas. Write them down and use in the case study writing process.

At the same time, these samples give you an opportunity to assess your own writing and identify its strengths and weaknesses. That way, it becomes easier to write your case study and impress the professor.

So, you found a few samples that you’d like to read again, get inspired, and analyze the approach that author used to discuss a certain subject? Just click the Save to My Library button and that’s it. Once you finish writing the case study, you can donate it to our platform for other students to read and learn.

Let an editor read your report

You finished writing the case study, and now what? Are you going to send it to the professor immediately? Or maybe you’ll start proofreading and editing first? The case study writing process doesn’t involve the actual writing only; it includes multiple stages from research to editing and proofreading.

Assessing your own work isn’t the right way to go mainly because it’s difficult to remain objective. Plus, you don’t know whether the paper reaches standards that professors expect. An easy way to stop worrying about these subjects and to submit an error-free paper is through Edusson’s editing service.

Edusson gathers a collective of certified, experienced, and skillful editors and proofreaders who are looking forward to reading and polishing your paper. You are the one who chooses the editor and remain in control of the process. What will editor do? The proofreader or editor you choose will correct all spelling and grammar mistakes, check and improve the style of the paper, assess readability and organization of the text, vocabulary, format, relevancy, and accuracy of information and evidence you used.

In other words, editors analyze, revise, and improve your case study in many ways. The result of the editing process is a high-quality, impeccably written paper which contains accurate information and solid evidence. Let’s not forget you’ll get a better grade than you initially thought. To get your case study edited, head to Edusson and submit your order.

Get a Custom Written Example

Let’s say you got a case study title and can’t get inspired to finally start writing, what will you do? If you can’t find a sample on a given subject and aren’t quite sure how to develop the argument, you can order a custom written example. It’s that easy! More than 1000 writers on Edusson are ready to create an essay based on your subject and other information you provide. You can even set a specific deadline, word count, and choose a writer who will do this assignment for you. As a client, you’re in the full control of the entire process. You can use the completed case study as an example to develop your own, or you can submit it, it’s your choice.

Practice to Develop Skills

“Practice makes perfect” is more than a motivational quote you find online, it’s a fact. In order to write an amazing case study every single time you just need to practice more. How to know whether you’re making a progress or not?

Don’t worry; you don’t need to ask someone else to read your paper and let you know what they think. With Edusson’s Essay Builder and RobotDon, you can take the case study writing practice to a whole new level. The Essay Builder helps you compose the case study from top to bottom. The platform gives useful suggestions for every segment of your paper from the introduction to conclusion. That’s not all, it displays tips and tricks to make it easier for you to strengthen the quality of your argument and find suitable evidence to back up information you use. On the other hand, RobotDon is a platform you can use to check your paper for plagiarism and ensure its originality, evaluate the relevancy of the text, correct wateriness, and fluff, avoid repeating certain words and phrases too often, and many other things. The more you practice using Essay Builder and RobotDon, your writing skills will constantly improve. The best thing is that both platforms are free to use, but you can also subscribe to get access to even more tips, tricks, and recommendations.

Types of Case Study Help

To get the maximum out of professional assistance with case study writing, you should take a few moments to consider your needs and preferences. What exactly you want to improve? Some students need help with a certain aspect of the paper, others would prefer writers to create a perfect case study for them, but there are also students who just want someone to edit and proofread their paper.

Knowing what you really want to work on is the best way to improve your skills and avoid common pitfalls linked with the writing process. Let’s see all the types of case study help that you can get with only a few clicks.

By Marker’s Expectations:

Clear Organization

Clear organization – case study isn’t just about writing an account of some real or hypothetical scenario, developing a subject and developing your argument. The paper has to be organized properly in order to possess the quality that will impress your professor and improve your writing skills. Organization of the paper is one of the most important elements, yet it’s largely overlooked. Writers at Edusson can help you write the perfect case study. What can they do for you? Highly-skilled writers with years of experience create a bulletproof outline that sets a foundation for an organized case study. In addition, they examine the outline you created in order to look for repetition and other organizational problems. Writers at Edusson go one step further and examine the order, style, and organization of paragraphs and sources you’ve used. Let’s not forget that Essay Builder and RobotDon also allow you to achieve organization of the case study.


Cohesion – when you write a cohesive case study, your goal is to build on a single idea, prove your statement with research and accurate information. The primary objective is to leave the reader with a solid understanding of the idea you discussed. The cohesive essay is easy to read and follow, it doesn’t confuse readers. Cohesion is achieved through proper essay structure, strong ideas, good transition etc. Case study help can also involve editing your work to make it more cohesive. Editors and proofreaders analyze your text from top to bottom and ensure it’s easy to understand


Evidence – golden rule of writing (regardless of the type of the paper) is to use strong evidence to back up your claims. Evidence amplifies the quality of your case study, shows you made effort, contributes to cohesiveness and organization, and so much more. It’s easy to think that finding evidence requires a simple Google search only, but the reality is different and it takes more than that. Only reputable sources are considered good evidence, and Edusson’s writers can help make it happen. Remember, they are individuals with years of experience and know all the tricks of the trade to support your case study with strong evidence.

By Service


Writing – did you know you can hire a writer who will compose a case study paper exactly the way you want it? While other professional services allow their clients to have minimum control and reuse same papers over and over again, Edusson is different thanks to full transparency and full control in your hands. We can divide writing service to different categories such as:

Custom written Example

Custom written example – some people just need extra motivation to start writing on their own, and it’s not a bad thing. All you have to do is to visit the Edusson’s official website, create your order, submit necessary information, and choose a writer who will write an ideal example that you can use to create your own case study

Executive Summary

Executive summary – refers to a short document or a section that summarizes longer report. The executive summary is the first contact between a reader (professor or client) and your case study. The section or a separate document with summary speaks a lot about your paper and it’s not something you should rush and get it over with. Head to Edusson and order your executive summary that will perfectly represent the paper you wrote


Report – report writing is an important skill to develop as it is a common type of writing at university and employment. This type of paper is formal, well-organized, and divided into sections with specific purposes. Don’t risk it; get a professional assistance and ensure the report is at a high, academic level


Conclusion – we tend to underestimate the importance of conclusion. Your paper needs to end with a “bang” and the last paragraph is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Since conclusion is a common pitfall for many students, the best thing to do is to let our writers create a perfect one for you


Editing – our editors take a deeper look at how you presented information and ideas in the case study. Editing process involves all the steps involved in proofreading (see below), but also focuses on making necessary changes to enhance quality, organization, and relevancy of the paper


Proofreading – Edusson gathered a team of incredible proofreaders who correct errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, style, and formatting. Their goal is to make sure your case study is error-free

By Topic


Preparing – before the writing process starts one has to prepare everything first. Preparing a case study requires a lot of patience and time that many students don’t have. Professional writing service like Edusson always comes handy as our writers prepare case study and help you save time and focus on other subjects


Drafting – when the preparing stage is over, drafting can begin. We can consider the first draft as the foundation where you’ll build the case study. For this part of the process, you can use Essay Builder and follow tips to compose your paper or you can get professional writing assistance


Analyzing – case study tests one’s ability to create, develop, and elaborate a certain scenario (real or hypothetical) using evidence and accurate information. Before including them in your paper it’s essential to analyze and determine whether chosen information supports your ideas. The internet allows you to use multiple tools in order to analyze your case study: writers and editors analyze information/evidence and edit/proofread the paper, RobotDon analyzes the structure and originality

By Organization


Title – headline catches the reader’s attention. Sometimes professors provide titles for case study, but in other instances you’ll have to choose one on your own. Same goes to all people who need to create a case study for their clients. The title of your case study should be catchy enough to attract someone’s attention, but still academic and powerful. A headline of your case study should never resemble click-bait posts seen online. A part of professional writing service is to create a title that will perfectly represent your case study with a few carefully chosen words


Summary – or abstract, gives a glimpse of the case study. Our writers compose a summary in a manner that informs the reader about the subject, problem, scenario, and methods you used for analysis while catching their attention and making them eager to read more


Contents – a standard part of case study writing is arranging the contents and it takes a greater level of organization that we think. The way you arrange contents of case study speaks a lot about your organizational skills, ability to keep up with academic standards, and the amount of effort you make. Since every aspect of a case study is equally important, don’t risk it. Instead, allow professional writers compose it by following the academic standards and recommendations. When ordering a case study example, you’ll also get contents with your paper

Report body

Report body – the central part of your case study is to describe methods you used to reach certain findings. Report doesn’t involve merely stating facts one after another. They have to be elaborated in an easy to understand yet formal manner. Report body also presents a summary of each problem a writer has identified and plausible solutions for each of the problems. Every issue you identify, piece of evidence you find requires a great deal of attention and critical thinking, and professional writers help speed up the process


Conclusion – a summary of findings and discussion about potential solutions. It should never include brand new information (because it would take up too much space and time to elaborate it). The case study you order from our writers will have a bulletproof conclusion that will leave a strong impression and guarantee good grade


Appendices – included at completion of the case study analysis to specify original data used throughout the paper. These data are represented in the form of graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables. Including these visual presentations in the report body is disruptive to the reader. Edusson website provides information about formatting and appendices. Let’s not forget that a complete case study you get from a professional writer also includes this important segment


References – just like with “regular” essays, when writing a case study it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Information you obtain from other sources should be included in references section following formatting preferences set by the professor or client. Many students make mistakes with references and risk their work being marked as plagiarism although that wasn’t their intention. To avoid this problem. Edusson’s writers also format your case study and include references to enhance quality of your paper

Job to get done

Getting professional writing assistance with your case study project doesn’t mean you’re lazy. It means you’re responsible and take the assignment seriously enough to avoid making any risks that would jeopardize your progress in college. Using Edusson to get writing tips and tricks or Essay Builder and RobotDon to practice shows you’re dedicated toward making great results.

Improve your Skills

The internet gives you many opportunities to improve your skills and take the writing abilities to a whole new level. How? Well, Edusson is an incredibly useful platform where you can learn how to develop your argument and write your paper from top to bottom. The Magic Help is there to assist the writing process via title ideas and samples, while professional writers and editors are there to make your case study stand out. Let’s not forget RobotDon which checks your paper for plagiarism and analyzes different aspects of its structure. Just by making a few clicks, you get the opportunity to learn and practice –two fundamental parts for improving writing skills

Raise your marks and GPA

A case study isn’t just about impressing your professor, it’s a great way to improve your grades and GPA. Professors appreciate the dedication, thorough research, and a well-developed analysis. Using different tools for case study writing demonstrates your desire to create a quality paper, demonstrate your knowledge, vocabulary skills, and the ability to work under pressure. While reading your case study, the professor can easily determine you would thrive in the workplace, too.

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