Lsuhsc New Orleans Admissions Essay

Timetable of Application for 2018 First-Year Class

All applicants are required to apply through AMCAS. An application may be requested from AAMC's website:


Initial AMCAS6/1/17
AMCAS Deadline11/30/17
Secondary Application1/15/18
Interviews Begin9/18/17
First Acceptance Notices10/15/17
MD/PhD AMCAS Deadline11/01/17
MD/PhD Secondary Application12/15/17


Secondary Application Fee: $50
Deposit to Hold a Place in Class: $100


Oldest MCAT scores considered: April 2015

Applicant's response to offer of acceptance: 2 weeks

Estimated number of new entrants: 200

Class starting date: August 2018

Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans was established in 1931 by authorization provided in the charter of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College adopted in 1877. The original building was constructed at 1542 Tulane Avenue, adjacent to the Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans (Charity Hospital). Over the years, additions were added to the original structure, and new buildings were erected as the school expanded, including a Residence Hall and Student Center at 1900 Perdido Street, a Medical Education Building at 1901 Perdido Street, and the Lions-LSU Clinics Building at 2020 Gravier Street. A Clinical Sciences Research Building was also opened as well as a new Student Learning Center which includes small group meeting rooms, procedure labs, simulation labs, lecture rooms and a computer lounge. A new residence facility, Stanislaus Hall, was opened at 450 South Claiborne Avenue which contains a state-of-the-art fitness. The School of Medicine is one component of the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans which includes Schools of Allied Health, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Nursing, and Public Health.

Impressive to view, a new teaching hospital is represented in the stunning monumental structures of concrete, stone and glass that fill acres of land adjacent to the academic campus. Although enormous cranes and construction equipment still fill the landscape, the new hospital, a state-of-the-art healthcare and teaching facility, has created a new medical corridor on Canal Street, sharing a space with a new Veterans’ Administration Hospital. Thoughtfully conceived by a team of architects inspired by New Orleans neighborhoods, stylized elements of local architecture are translated into 21st century facades and interior spaces organized for efficient and optimal delivery of medical care and training of future physicians. Terraces, linked by shallow reflection pools depicts how water sustains life in New Orleans. Welcoming green spaces will frame the landscape of the clinical medical campus that stretches from Canal Street to Tulane Avenue. As part of the new medical corridor, a new Cancer Center has already opened on Tulane Avenue. Additionally, the LSU Foundation building was recently opened and the Center for Human Development is now open. For more information:

LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans
Student Admissions
1901 Perdido Street
Box P3-4
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 568-6262



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