Hrm 300 Week 2 Case Study

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY 2 Equal Employment Opportunity This paper has comprehensively covered on the topic of Equal Employment opportunity. It has focused on how laws and U.S Supreme Court decisions affected equal employment opportunity. It has further established the name of the law or Supreme Court Case, the year the law was passed or Supreme Court decision was decided, how it affected human resource management and finally, it has outlined who/what group benefited the most from the outcome. Equal Employment Opportunity is the provision of equal access to jobs, services, and benefits for all prospective employees and current employees in the workplace. The EEO focus at ensuring equitable and fair outcomes in all areas of employment that includes recruitment, selection, supervision, management, and access to information (Burstein, 2011). Law and the U.S Supreme Court have contributed in enforcing laws that promote Equal Employment Opportunity.

HR CASE STUDY SCENARIOS2HR Case Study ScenariosUniversity of Phoenix MaterialCase Study Scenarios WorksheetAnswerthe following for the corresponding Case Study Scenario. Each scenario should be answered in a total of 175 words.Scenario 1: Staffing ManagementDetermine a recruitment method and sources would you use and explain your decision.The role played by recruitment in any organization cannot be underscored. There are internal and external recruitment methods that are intended to serve different purposes. Internal recruitment types include promotions, transfers, recruitment of former employees, job postings, employee referrals, as well as previous applicants (Gallicano, 2013). External recruitment types, on the other hand, include direct recruitment, employment exchanges, employment agencies, advertisements, professional associations, campus recruitment, as well as word of mouth recruitment.Assess what type of interview would work best when hiring someone in an entrepreneurialenvironment.The interview type that would work best is the apprentice interview. This requires applicantsto complete actual job tasks. Selection tests are important in that ensure proper assessment,objective assessment, and uniform basis.Determine whether or not you would use selection tests.I would use the selection mentioned above, because we are in the digital age, it is important to send out information faster than ever before, so I will put exactly what qualifications I am looking for to shortened the selection for the most qualified applicants.Scenario 2: Training and DevelopmentChoose training and/or development programs to implement in order to keep operations employeesloyal to the organization.

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