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CSC 443 Data Base Management Systems

Dr. R. M. Siegfried

Assignment 1 - Creating a Database Using MS Access

Due Monday, September 9, 2013

Using Microsoft Access, we are going to define a database called Student Advising consisting of two tables: Students and Faculty.

The Student table has the following fields with the following properties:

  • Student ID - data type is Text, field size is 4 and Caption is ID #. It is also the primary key.
  • Last Name is Text, field size is 15
  • First Name is Text, field size is 15
  • Major is Text, field size is 30
  • Advisor ID os Text, field size is 4
  • Credits is Number and and its field size is Integer

The Faculty table has the following fields with the following properties:

  • Faculty ID - is Text, the field size is 4, the Caption is Fac. ID and it is the primary key.
  • Last Name - is Text and the field size is 15
  • First Name is Text, field size is 15
  • Office Phone is Text, field size is 4 and the Caption is Phone

Additionally, you will create two queries for Student. One that lists every students' First Name, Last Name, Major and Credits (in that order). The second query will list the First Name, Last Name, Credits for every studentwhose advisor's ID is 2222.

The Database


Student ID Last Name First Name Major Advisor ID Credits
1111 Smith John Chemistry 2222 23
1122 Jones Thomas Music 3333 45
2244 Siegfried Robert Computer Sc. 4444 30
3344 Goldberg Stephen Chemistry 2222 32
4455 Wayne Anthony History 5555 24
4455 Kent Clark English 6666 38


Faculty ID Last Name First Name Office Phone
2222 Curie Pierre 2345
3333 Copland Aaronx 4567
4444 Hooper Grace 5678
5555 Kelly Patrick 6789
6666 Ash Craig 2234

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