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Christian Marriage Essay

In the Christian church marriage is seen as a union so strong that two people involved become one.

Taken from Genesis 2:24 "For this man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife and they shall become one flesh"

Importance of marriage is derived from Paul's writings in Ephesians 5:25 "Husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the Church and gave his life for it"

Demonstrates how the relationship between husbands and wives reflects that of Christ and the church.

Marriage is founded in scriptures making beliefs of Christianity present through varying levels of symbolism in the ceremony.

As individuals undergo union, the laws and ideals of scriptures are strengthened.

As marriage is a rite it contains four functions that are relevant to expression of belief to the community through sacred texts.

Symbolism presents these beliefs by giving actions, objects and words a sense of divinity.

Remembrance preserves rite so it becomes tradition and is passed on.

Through continued repetition of rite the divinity in past ceremonies can be made present today.

Consecration allows people or objects to become more holy and sacred to those present.

Individuals involved in marriage enter ceremony as two but leave as one, means there has been change in status for couple during ceremony.

With change in status the ceremony becomes a rite.

In Catholic and Orthodox churches it takes on greater significance as it is defined as a sacrament.

These denominations view marriage as the physical expression of an invisible reality.

Union of two parallels the union of Christ and church.

This view of Christ's relation with church comes from Old Testament understanding of gods relationship with people of Israel.

This perspective developed by Paul of Tarsus to show significance of marriage.

Paul compared marriage to trinity as the husband/wife are one entity, though also as individuals.

Corinthians I "neither spouse owns his or her own body, the body belongs to them both jointly"

Also seen in Genesis with Adam/Eve being two people of the same flesh.

Christian marriage solidifies union as joins the two as one for lifelong union.

Jesus formed position on marriage from passages in Genesis.

Jesus touches on completion of creation by marriage, recalling from Genesis "Male and female, he created them"

Marriage is made by god and is lifelong.

Jesus also explains that man and women are of equal value as two become one in marriage and both parts are necessary.

Jesus' views have been written in New Testament and seen in Matthew 19 "What god has made let man not separate"

Divorce is rejected by Christianity but still happens.

Issue of divorce complex...

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