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The Life Cycle of a Star Essay

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Life Cycle of a Star

Our Sun is a perfect example of a star, and there is an incredible amount of stars in the Universe. It is a star among hundreds of billions of stars within our Milky Way Galaxy, and our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies in the universe. Stars live for a very long time; millions, billions, or tens of billions of years so we can never really observe the life of a star; its birth, life, and death. In determining the life cycle of a star, astronomers observe many of the billions of stars around us and see them at different stages of life, therefore piecing together a star's evolution.

A star is born from clouds of gas and dust called nebulae found in interstellar space. Nebulae are composed mainly of…show more content…

Positively charged nuclei usually repel one another, but under the intense heat, the nuclei collide and overcome repulsion causing them to fuse. When fusion starts, the collapsing portion of the original nebula becomes a star. If the star is unable to trigger nuclear fusion, it becomes what is known as a brown dwarf, or a failed star.

If a star achieves nuclear fusion, it proceeds to use up its hydrogen fuel. A star's fate depends on its mass. Depending on whether a star is of average mass star, much like our Sun, or if the star is of a larger mass star its fate will be different. Average mass stars have a mass similar to our sun, also known as 1 solar mass. Large mass stars have a mass 15 times that of our sun, or 15 solar mass.

Average mass stars follow six major stages. First is its original nebulae condensation. Then a star glows from the heat of its gravitational unification. A star begins fusing hydrogen in its core (known as a stars main sequence). Once hydrogen in its core is almost completely used up, the star leaves its main sequence (which lasts about 10 billion years), and enters a red giant stage in which its core becomes hotter fusing helium to carbon. Because of its mass, the star is unable to fuse carbon but does manage to explode a shell of gas called planetary nebula. Finally, the star becomes a dying star shrinking in diameter because it can no longer produce energy, becoming what is called a white

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How to write outstanding essay conclusion

A very important part of mastering the art of essay writing is mastering the conclusion. Of course, if you do not have a good essay a good conclusion won’t help, but a good essay with a poor conclusion can cost students a lot of marks. To write the best essay you need to have a strong introduction, a body with quality content and a concrete conclusion. This article will inform you of all you need to know about writing a strong conclusion-no essay service or professional essay writer needed.

What exactly is an essay conclusion?

A conclusion of an essay can be defined as the end summary of the research and essay writing process. It is a short paragraph that ties up all the loose ends in the body of the essay that has been discussed. It is basically a short summary of the essay.

The purpose of an essay conclusion

The purpose of an essay conclusion is to repeat the main arguments and findings of the essay. It is the final part of an essay that confirms what the essay was about and what it set out to prove or discover. The conclusion ends an essay in a meaningful way and no essay is complete without it. Since essays can be very long it reminds readers of the main points that they might have forgotten about along the way.

Writing a concrete conclusion

The easiest way to start writing a conclusion is to summarise the main points of the essay in bullet form. Go through your essay from top to bottom and identify the main arguments and put this in point form. Then briefly summarise each point in a sentence or two. It is important to never introduce new information or facts in your conclusion, it should just summarise the content of the essay. Thus you can only write the conclusion at the very end of the essay writing process.

Coincidentally writing the introduction to your essay is also best done in the very end, because what you plan to write about might have changed along the way after you have written the introduction. Where an introduction tells readers what they will soon be reading a conclusion reminds readers of what they have just read. In this way, introductions and conclusions are very similar and equally important to writing the best essay you possibly can.

Essay writing is difficult, but with practice, students quickly get the hang of it. That’s why you have to write so many essays in college. It also prepared you for writing longer essays like dissertations (that are literally as long as books) later in your degree.

How to improve your conclusion

If you already have the knack of writing conclusions and you or your lecturer still feel that you have room for improvement, try the following.

    – Ask your lecturer for feedback on your essay and specifically your conclusion when you get your grade essay back. Your lecturer or teacher knows exactly what a conclusion needs to include and what you tend to leave out.
    – Read through your essay and mark all they main arguments discussed. Now make a checklist to see that everything mentions in the body are repeated in the conclusion.

If after trying to improve your essay writing skills numerous times and you still don’t get good grades, try using an essay service or getting a professional essay writer to show you how it’s done.

In conclusion, now that you know what a conclusion is, what its purpose is, know how to write a good conclusion and improve it some more you can take on your next essay writing task with confidence. But remember perfecting your essay writing and to write the best essay you need to practice and gain experience through repetition. If all else fails, getting help from an essay service or professional writer is also an option.

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