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I started using weekly assignment sheets in my studio last year. I know from experience that written assignment sheets do not work for every student, but for most of my current students, they make a big difference in organizing home practice and keeping open communication with parents. Keeping a written record of projects, goals, and repertoire keeps all of us on the same page, even though we're only together for 30 minutes a week.

I thought it might be helpful to those of you considering using assignment sheets in your studio to have a roundup of some of the templates out there. For me, some of the key features of a weekly assignment sheets are:

- name and date (a way to personalize them for each student) - blocks for warm-ups or technic, a few repertoire pieces, and musicianship activities - a way to track practice time during the week has a great post on using assignment sheets with several templates. In addition, Faber & Faber and Alfred have assignment books (I'm sure others do, as well). Some of these models include staff lines (for composition starters or warm-ups), the circle of fifths, keyboard legends (great for marking hand positions), and space to write messages to parents (and for parents to write messages to you!).

I used many of these models as inspiration for creating my own Piano Assignment Sheet last year. This is what I use with my students on a weekly basis. Enjoy!

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Free Music Lesson Assignment Sheet for Music Students

To use by music teachers to mark assignments for music students.  Downloadable in pdf format.

Free Lesson Assignment Sheet

Assignment sheets can be filled out for each student at each lesson and an archive kept in a 3 ring binder.  This keeps assignments organized and keeps a log of a student’s progress over the months and years.  At the end of each lesson, I offer the students a choice of a sticker that they can place in the upper right hand corner of the page.  This is a small motivational gesture that students (especially young ones) look forward to. The young students love this!  Staff lines at the bottom of the page allow for teacher notes or reminder of new music concepts learned during the lesson.

Click on the screenshot image to the left or the underlined title link above to download in pdf format.


 Practical Piano Pedagogy: The Definitive Text for Piano Teachers and Pedagogy Students - Bk+CD-ROM

For most of my business forms, I got the idea from my former piano pedagogy professor, Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan of Cal State Fullerton.  Her textbook, Practical Piano Pedagogy,  helped me tremendously in creating professional forms.  Her book comes with a CD-Rom that has over 40 free downloadable and modifiable teaching and business forms, such as studio policies, assignment forms, and billing forms.  I have customized a few of them on this web page so music teachers like yourself can download them for free. 


Go to Practical Piano Pedagogy: The Definitive Text for Piano Teachers and Pedagogy Students - Bk+CD-ROM.



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