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A Day in the Life of a Teacher Essay

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A Day in the Life of a Teacher

I hear the sound of my alarm clock at 6:30am. Time to get up! I wish it was Saturday, no school! No, I'm not a child, nor a student, but a teacher! You don't think we enjoy everyday at work, do you? No. That's rubbish. Let me continue with my story of a day in the life of a teacher..

As I force myself out of bed, a chilling thought comes over me. It's Wednesday. This means I still have three whole days to get through until the weekend. Better get a move on if I want to make it on time. First, I take a shower. I do this every morning to liven myself up and to prepare for the day ahead of me. Today first up we have a whole school assembly. That's one reason why I…show more content…

I make my way to class avoiding the students and setup and wait in the class until the bell goes at half past 8.

Outside the kids are eagerly waiting to be let inside, like a pack of puppies waiting for you to open the door just so they can jump all over you with their muddy paws. What do they eat, must be something like froot-loops. Which would explain not just the sugar rush but a for a few others something else too. As soon as we are all in class, which doesn't take long, I give announcements and ask the class to take their chairs to assembly.

When we arrive I round up my class, and once everyone is seated its time to go home. I wish! Though it is about 20minutes later. At the beginning of every assembly we stand and sing the national anthem. Which doesn't sound like an anthem at all. Instead of sounding like we are proud and free, it's sung in a droning tone. When we sit down I shush all the chatters and the assembly begins. As a teacher it's our duty to listen to what is happening around the school while also keeping a small eye, quite like a hawks, on the class. We all usually sit back, act interested and see all the small things that go on. Like the two kids who like each other keep pretending to 'look around the room' but are really trying to catch a smile. Then there are the bad kids, who are trying to make peashooters and all the usual blabbermouths who

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College Students

Here are the day in the life guides by college students. Feel free to add your own following the existing template.

College Students studying toward A-Levels

A day in the life of Agent Smirnoff

Year of Study: Year 12. (IE: Year one of College)

Subjects of Study:Biology; Chemistry; Economics; French (AS) + YASS in Molecules; Medicines and Drugs by Open University and BTEC Level 2 in Workskills and BTEC Level 2 in Door Supervision. (WOW! It's a lot eh? :D )

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine:Well I wake up at around 5:30 or 6:00 am ( It depends)

I hang about for a few minutes. Look over the planner and see what's on today and look at lists etc... and see if anything specific needs to be done. I usually wake up to the radio , to hear the news , opinions and any important travel info.

If possible , I check out my College inbox for any important emails and notices. I usually spend a quick TSR check too :D

I usually have my breakfast and then wash up. My clothes are usually ready from the night before. My bag should be ready from the night before , but not often.

After all of that , I make sure that I have my Oyster Card and leave the house. I try to leave as early as possible (IE: Before 7:30) because travelling to Harrow is a bit of a pain at times (Especially on more than one bus!)

I usually look over my notes and review other material when I am on the bus to College.

Then I get to college! :) A bit different for Monday Mornings as I am off site for my French Lesson

So what did you do today? I had Economics this morning. After that I wen t to the Local Library to eat my lunch and type this up. I then had French at the local sixth form , went Home and then to my Police Cadets Meeting.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? Relax! :-D Have a bit of Family time and then do some more work before relaxing again.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? Many things. I find that I enjoy College life much more than I did when I was at my old college. To be honest there isn't a single thing that I like most about college. I love it all really! :)

One of my faves have to be the fact that everyone is nice. I like the people, peers and staff. :) In addition to this I have to say that the support is fantastic! You also have a sort of "Organised Spontaneity" with your day. It's structured but you never know what is going to happen the next day. :)

I would recommend Harrow College to any prospective student.

A day in the life of Ladipidoo

Year of Study: 2nd year at college - A2

Subjects of Study: Art, Psychology, Physics and Critical Thinking

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Normal day: Wake up, brush teeth, have a shower, get ready, drink warm milk/tea, put shoes on, pick up my bag, leave the house, run for the bus, miss the bus, wait 15 or so mins to catch the next one, reach college quite late without a sufficient excuse, but usually don't get told off.

So what did you do today? I went into Physics 30 mins late and was greeted with a smile from my teacher and wasn't told off. I haven't done my Art hmw, so I'm currently skiving. I'm going to give it in on Thursday. And since I have a free before Art and 2 frees after, I decided to come home. I met my friend before coming home, though, and we just talked about...stuff. I'm gonna go back in a bit for Critical Thinking.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? It's not finished yet but I usually stuff my gob first, then switch the laptop on, and let it waste away my life. Update: Yep, I stuffed my face after I reached home and now I'm on the laptop...

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? Hmmm, there's quite a lot. Firstly, the atmosphere at college is a lot better than secondary's since everyone's more grown up and mature, and there aren't little year 7s/8s doing your head in. Also, I quite like my subject choices and I'm not regretting picking them, so that's a plus. My teachers this year are also pretty cool. The free periods I get are so cool and you can get quite a lot of work done, if you're not messing about. You get treated more like an adult at college, rather than a kid, and you usually don't get told off for something minor, like, wearing your coat/scarf in class. Plussss, I don't have to wear uniform. And last but not the least, I get to see my friends most of the days.

A day in the life of xxstace123xx

Year of Study: AS year (1st) in college

Subjects of Study: Psychology, Sociology, English Lit and Biology

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I get up at 6am, actually thats a lie, my alarm goes of at 6, i wake up at 6.27 (sounds strange but my alarm goes of in snoozes of 9 min intervals)... I then get up and get ready, normally fall in my wardrobe whilst trying to find something to wear, I then put all my books in my bag, eat some breakfast, and leave for the bus at 7.28- the bus then comes at 7.35, I get in to town for 8.35 and walk to college which takes twentyish minutes, normally get there for 10/5 to 9. Long Journey!

So what did you do today? First Lesson I had Psychology which is 9-10.30, the longest lesson of the day- we just worked on our assignment thats in in a couple of weeks, was alright. Second lesson 10.45-11.45- I had a free this lesson, from 10.45-11.30 I went to the library and did my sociology homework that is in tommorow so I didnt have to do it tonight, good times. I then went and got a can of cherry coke and headed up to my next lesson. Lesson three, 12-1, was biology, it was quite good, my teachers become obsessed with these new 'reward card' things, I learnt about lungs! she then told us we had another test on monday though *sigh* LUNCH- lunch is 1-2 ... I went to the canteen and had a tuna jacket potato, it was nice, I finished doing all that at about twenty past and headed up to student services to get my new ema slip thing. I then had double english from 2 - its meant to be until half 4 with a half hour break at 3, but we worked through it so we could go early- good times ... OH actually, at about 2.20 there was a fire alarm test which was annoying as it was raining outside, and then I had to walk back up to 9th floor again. In the rest of the lesson we did our plan for our 1st peice of coursework.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? I generally dont have that much homework at the moment- because i always do it in my free periods, but sometimes I have some, but ill generally do it on the bus home anyway :P. Im not much for preparing either- I basically have a box with all my college books and then in the morning i just look at my timetable and put in what I need, its a good system for me

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? Well at college I meet new people every day, friends of friends and talking to new people in my classes and its really interesting.

A day in the life of Adam92

Year of Study: A2 - year 13

Subjects of Study: Business, Economics, Maths and Further Maths

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Well, I set my alarm for 7 o'clock, which is when I should ideally wake up, however I always end up pressing the snooze button (damn, why did they invent that?!) until at least 7:30! This gives me little time to do anything, but I make sure to pack my bag the night beforehand so all I need really need to do is brush my teeth and wash, etc.

So what did you do today? Today, I got the bus up to college and went straight into my double economics lesson where we had an enthralling talk about cost curves! Period 3, I had to go to a meeting regarding my EPQ which lasted roughly 0.5 minutes because the teacher just gave me my form back and told me to go I dislike short days, they seem pointless on the whole. I'd rather have a full day in college with a few frees inbetween, so I actually learn lots.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? Whack my laptop on, go on facebook for a bit, go out/stay in (obviously, I can't do anything else), ponder whether to do my homework, decide against the idea of doing homework and then eat and sleep! I love my days.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? Of course: the atmosphere in comparison to my old school is immense. I love how everyone is laid back, but we always do the work set and don't mess around, like schoolchildren. Being treated like adults tops it off.

A day in the life of DoubleReedFreak

Year of Study: 12- AS

Subjects of Study: Music, English Literature, German, Biology and Extended Project

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Check that I look super cool for college. Well, brush teeth and stuff, eat an apple or something because I don't like breakfast. Get bag ready and walk to school.

So what did you do today? Went 6th Form, got some coffee, registered, had a double period of Literature, break, then 2 frees but I organised my Saxophone lesson then and then my Bassoon lesson after. Dinner time. Eat. Student council. Double German. Time to go home.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? Come home to quickly eat and rush a bit of homework. (Of which there is lots!) Then go to bassoon group and Orchestra. Get home from that and try to finish more homework.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? Err, it's nice to just have a laugh with friends by going chippy or dossing in common room. Nice to do subjects that you want and no more IT and rubbish stuff. It's not amazing but some parts are ok really.

A day in the life of Chilledice

Year of Study:13

Subjects of Study: Human Biology, Chemistry, Maths, General Studies (AS's in Physics and Critical Thinking)

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I wake up at 6:50, get breakfast and get dressed, put my lunch in my bag (which I made and packed the night before) leave at 7:20 for the bus, get the 7:50 bus to college, my college day usually starts at 8:30, if I dont have any lessons I'll usually do some independent work

So what did you do today?well, it was an open evening today, so college was shut, but on Monday I came into college at 8:30, went to the biology workshop (where students can drop in for help) and was a student mentor, teaching respiration to other students and doing my own work when there was no-one around untill 10:20 (break), spent my break with my friends in the common room, at 10:40 I went to double maths (1:50 long) which took me up to lunch which I again spent in the common room for a while as well as in the radio studio (I am a producer for my college radio station, and so spend some time in there working with presenters) after lunch (at 1:50) I had a single human biology lesson, and then went home by bus.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? eat, relax, sleep

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? The depth of study, the breadth of activities and people, the relaxed but hard-working atmosphere, the teachers that care about their subjects and the fact that everyone is there to learn.

A day in the life of Emsybean

Year of Study: A2, 13

Subjects of Study: History, Media Studies and Government & Politics

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I wake up between 6:15 and 7:15 before getting up and having some breakfast. Then I brush my teeth, get dressed, put my books and folders in my bag and usually set off about 8:00. I get the college bus outside the pick-up point at about 8:15, then everyone's stuck in a huge traffic jam for about 30mins (there's only one main road out of our town) before arriving at college at about 9:45 and going to the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) for a quick go on the computers before lessons start.

So what did you do today? I only have 2 lessons on a Friday, Media and Politics, with a three-hour free in between. This isn't so bad because the A2 workload means that I can get a lot of my homework done in frees like this, leaving me free for the weekend. In Media we started to storyboard for our coursework, with mine being an advertising campaign for a soft drink. I put down my own little idea that didn't really match with what the girl I'm working with has in mind, so most of the lesson was pretty much spent trying to reach a compromise. After Media I went up the LRC to put the finishing touches to my History coursework and have a chat with one of my classmates about how we're getting along with it. Then I checked my UCAS and went to town to buy my dinner. After this I went to Politics, where we were learning about the minor third parties of the United States. I love studying American politics, the class are just so noisy that it means I don't really look forward to it. Despite this, I got my National Conventions essay back - I got 35/40, an A (woo!), then after class I filled in and posted my Parents' Evening form before getting the college bus home.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? Usually I check on our puppy, Oscar, then I have my dinner and finish any spare work before going on things like TSR.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? You have so much more independence and choice than at high school, the tutors actually trust you to get on with your work sensibly and see you as a whole-rounded person, rather than grades on seats. It just makes me feel more free to do what I want in general, knowing that I'm going to have a lot of support from my tutors in whatever I choose to do. Oh, and you don't have to wear a uniform :D

A day in the life of Ash Cool 1

Year of Study: A2, Year 13

Subjects of Study: Physics, Mathematics and Graphic Design

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Up at 6.50, shower, dressed, food, etc. bus at 8.10 get to college at about 8.45, go to Poundland/Wilkinsons for sweets/pop :D

So what did you do today? Today I only had a half day [My college timetables AS/A2 subjects into 1 morning and 1 afternoon lesson per week, 2 1/2 hours long per session] with Maths in the morning. Carried on with C3 coursework, had break... got some chocolate... carried on some more with homework... had lunch, went to friends house for a bit, came home, did more coursework :D Not really an average day, but hey.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? Uusually do some catching up with TV... do any homework pretty much as soon as possible so it doesn't pile up. Do some graphics coursework [though i'm trying to get maths coursework out of the way at the minute!]

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? I think the best part is the fact that there's a lot of freedom to choose what you want to do, mainly evident in my graphics lessons, but you can still wander around college whenever you want without the threat of getting caught, like at school. If you really need to go, i.e. family emergency or something, you can and it's not as if you'll get detention. College has a much more relaxed enviroment.

[By the way, I'm sorry... I don't know how this wiki thing works... If someone can sort it out so it doesn't mess up that'd be nice lol. It's a good job I dropped ICT!]

A Day in the Life of ACatCalledMeow

Year of Study: AS, Year 12 ( College Year 1)

Subjects of Study: Biology , Chemistry , Mathematics, Accounting

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Woke up at 7.10 am for today's class, which was at 8 am. ( 8.30 am for 10 am class, 9.30 am for 12 pm class). Called a cab at 7.20am, packed some cat food while waiting for the cab. Reached college at about 7.50 am.

So what did you do today? Fed the stray kitties beside Block A as usual. Then to class until 11.30 am. Lunch with mates till 12.15 pm. Back to class till 4 pm.Then, fed the stray kitties again. Went to a "left-handed" bazaar thingy. Waited for cab to go back home.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? Played with my cats. TV! Surfing the net. Did my homework. Studied a whole topic for next week's final exam. Left 11 topics to be studied. :(

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? Awesome college mates. Awesome restaurants and chill out spots around college. Independence and quite relaxing, to be honest. Except when exam is around the corner. Things might get a tad too stressed up. But other than that, college is awesome.

A day in the life of watchingtherain

Year of Study: Second Year A2

Subjects of Study: English Literature, English Language, ICT & the odd tutorial/General Studies session

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Well it depends what time my first lesson is. If it's an early start which I have three times a week, wake up at 7, shower, dress, maybe grab some breakfast as i'm running to catch the bus i'm no doubt about to miss. If it's a 11am or 2pm start, lie in until about 10am then either wander along to meet friends for lunch, or watch daytime TV while slowly getting ready. I like late starts...

So what did you do today? Today was an 11am start, so I woke up around half 9 and came to college for quarter to 11. First lesson was Literature, and we had an hour long session on Othello and exam work, and then lunch at 12. My college is only five minutes from the centre of town, so I met some friends and walked down to grab a sandwich. Back up at college for 1 for ICT, which was an hour long theory lesson. Then I had free period, so went to the library to do some 'work', which actually involved sitting and talking to a friend for an hour. Last lesson of the day was English Language at 3.30pm, which was a lesson on Jamaican Creole and seemed to drag on forever. Finished college at 4.30pm.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? Well I was planning on going home, but was talked into going shopping by the friend I met up with in the library. We went shopping for about an hour and then made our way home. I went to my grandparents house and ate dinner with them, before going to work on my personal statement and wasting my life away on Tumblr for most of the night. Managed to fit in some reading for Literature too, as well as Corrie.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? The independence, the proximity to town AND home, the awesomeness of actually being able to do subjects you enjoy, the late starts twice a week, the amount of free time and the generally laid back atmosphere (unless it's A Level exam week. Then you're best off staying away).

Newcastle College 2009-2011

A day in the life of ItsAnnaYay

Year of Study: AS (1st Year)

Subjects of Study: Biology , Chemistry , French , Maths

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I wake up at 7am every college day. I eat breakfast whilst watching BBC Breakfast. I get a lift off my Dad in the morning so I leave at 8am. I get dropped of at the library where I meet my friends. We walk to college which takes about 20 minutes. We get to college which around 10 minutes to spare.

So what did you do today? First lesson was Chemistry at 9am until 10am but it last until 10:30 this morning. I don't think the teacher noticed...We recapped on ionic compounds, balancing equations. Then I had a 2 hour 50 minute free period so I met up with my friend and we finished our homework. After dinner was Biology at 12:50, we learned about carbohydrates and checked our homework.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? I finished at 4pm today, I got the bus home and it was about 5:30pm. Did some of my homework first and then browsed on Tumblr, Facebook etc. Looking forward to my day off tomorrow. (Thursday)

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? It's only my second day so I'm not really sure if I love it or not yet...

A day in the life of accountant-future

Year of Study: A2, Year 13

Subjects of Study: Maths, Law, English Language

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I wake up at 6:30am each morning and have fruit for breakfast and getting ready etc to leave at 8 if I'm getting the bus or 7:45 if I'm going to walk (if it's a nice day etc) I get to my sixth form at 8:40am approx. Meet my friends at the main entrance at around 8:45 then set off for registration!

So what did you do today? Today wasn't Wednesday, which meant today was pretty tough! I had double maths first thing in morning from 9 till quarter to 11! Then I had a free period with effectively the rest of the year (must be a compulsory Year 13 free period) in which I spent hanging around corridors with friends as you do...anyways, after that it was lunch and following that, English Language...where our teacher just handed out sheets and put a video on for the last half an hour (ideal)! The last 2 periods was a free (where I went to the library on the computer to continue the UCAS form) and Law...I can't wait till Wednesday's though! Double Law in the morning then free for 3 hours till English on 2nd last period with a free being last (early finish)!

How do you finish the day after returning from college? I rest! Especially today when I walked to and from school as I live 40 mins walk away approx so that's a pain! However, sometimes I will venture to town and get seriously messed up! Always only happens on a Friday though...I promise...

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? The free periods, and the fact the experience of university is becoming both more real and nearer!

A day in the life of Stripes23

Year of Study: AS - Year 12

Subjects of Study: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Geography and Spanish GCSE

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: My alarm is set for 7.30, although today I was feeling rather tired so didn't get out of bed until just gone 8. I go downstairs to get breakfast, although this sometimes takes a while as my brother's have to leave before me to go to secondary school and so get priority when it comes to the toaster. I finish getting ready and leave at 8.40. My walk to college is about 15 minutes.

So what did you do today? Today I had a Spanish lesson first period. We were just working on the basics, as it was our first lesson. That was from 9am until 10.30am. I then went straight to a Biology class, where we were looking at pieces of equipment and how to use them correctly. Next lesson we actually start the syllabus. Biology was from 10.40am until 12.10. Since I didn't have another lesson until 3pm, I went home for a while where I did the homework that was due in for the 3pm lesson and then sat around on the computer for a bit. My final lesson was geography, where we were looking at the difference between rural and urban settlements and the characteristics of each. I finished college at 4.30 and then went straight home.

How do you finish the day after returning from college? Mostly I go on the computer, or watch TV for a bit. If I have any homework to do, I'll do that as well at some point during the evening although at the moment I'm doing most of it in free periods.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? I think the best thing about college is the freedom that you get. The learning is very much up to me, which suits me quite well. There also seems to be more respect from teachers and we're treated like adults which is also nice. I also love free periods.

A day in the life of livvyess

Year of Study: 2nd year

Subjects of Study: Religious Studies, Modern History, English Lit and EPQ

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I have an early start three times a week so on those days I set my alarm for 6.45, which then goes on snooze! Then just your average getting ready stuff, wash, brush teeth etc but for some reason it takes me FOREVER to do this so I don't normally have time for breakfast.. so by ten o clock I'm so hungry! I try to leave the house at 8 but normally I don't end up leaving until 6 minutes past so I have to sprint through the woods to get the 8.12 bus which gets me into the bus station for 25 past, and then it's a 15/20 minute walk up the hill to college.

So what did you do today? I was out last night, so I set my alarm a bit later today to maximise my sleep, for 7.10 and thought I'd aim for the 8.24 bus instead.. which I then MISSED! So after a power walk up the hill I arrived at college nearly half an hour late, but my history tutor just smiled at me and I didn't even get marked in late. Next was one of my EPQ sessions which is hilarious because I have the best supervisor ever, although today I did spend my time wisely writing my RS essay which was two weeks overdue (:s) instead of working on my EPQ. Then I had RS; handed in my newly written essay and my lovely tutor just thanked me despite it being so late. Lunch I was just with my friends, we went to the cafe and grabbed some potato wedges with bbq sauce! Best. Thing. Ever. I had a free period after lunch but none of my friends did so I went to the library, paid my £5.60 fine and then did some work on my history coursework.. left the library and rang the DVLA to order a replacement provisional since I lost my last one :( Last period I had english - Monday are my only 8.50-4.20 day - where I worked on my coursework, and when I left college it was already dark! And raining! Got home just after five, freezing cold since I wasn't dressed suitably for the weather, ate some food, worked on my english coursework, got my dad to help me when he got home and then had a family dinner for once! Went round my friends with some people this evening and just got home :)

How do you finish the day after returning from college? Normally I eat some rubbishy food and do a minimal amount of work, the collapse in front of the tv, but quite often I have extra curricular things after college, like orchestra or homegroup or work, so sometimes I don't get home until fairly late.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? I don't like college a HUGE amount - I much preferred school - but my favourite thing is the huge amount of people I meet. I rarely go a day without meeting somebody new. Also I love my enrichments, so, debating society and writing for the newspaper, mainly because it's a chance to meet people with similar interests to me who aren't necessarily in my group of friends. Also you get a lot more freedom, so I know that I have to put in the work if I want to get the grades, which is tough sometimes since I'm not great at motivating myself ^^see two week overdue essay^^ but I reckon it's preparing me for uni, and I'm getting a lot better at actually managing to do my work!

College Students studying for vocational qualifications

A day in the life of xo-Heva

Year of Study: First - at college.

Subjects of Study: Nursing (Health care)

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine

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