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Compare and Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism Essay

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Hinduism and Buddhism

Some people may think that Hinduism and Buddhism are the same religions with just two different names. They aren’t, Buddhism and Hinduism both have different types of rituals, holidays, founders, and so-on. The two extensive religions of Hinduism and Buddhism have lots of information behind themselves. They are made up of cultures, rituals, practices, and many other things.

“Hinduism is a collection of religious beliefs that developed slowly over a long period of time.” (World History Patterns of Interaction, 2005) Hinduism has been made up of so many different cultures and beliefs that unlike Christianity and Islam it is unable to be traced back. Hindus believe in karma and reincarnation. Karma is good and…show more content…

Also, Buddhism was a more peaceful and calm religion. Unlike in Buddhism, in Hinduism there was a caste system. It was a group from a social system. Hindus had gone by using a caste system, but it was rejected in the Buddhism community which resulted in many Buddhist being laborers and craftspeople. Hindus and Buddha both had different beliefs. For example, “Hindus saw religion as a way of liberating the soul from illusions, disappointments, and mistakes of everyday existence.” (World History Patterns of Interaction, 2005)

There were also a few similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism. For example, they both believed in reincarnation after death and karma, which means to keep people bound to the world through the cycle of life and death. Also they each had final goals. For example, in Buddhism the final goal was called nirvana and in Hinduism the final goal was called moksha. Each would happen after reincarnation was finished and the spirit and soul had a perfect understanding. Both Buddhism and Hinduism were helped spread by people. For example, Ashoka spread Hinduism by adopting it in a way after war, and missionaries helped spread Buddhism. Also, both religions promote non-violent beliefs toward all living things.

To conclude this essay I would say that Hinduism is more or less a group rather than a religion because it was made up of other religions and Buddhism is like a subcategory that would branch off of Hinduism. Hinduism and

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Hinduism vs. Buddhism

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Hinduism and Buddhism are the two main religions of Ancient India. Both religions share common beliefs and have their differences. Some differences are the gods worshiped, the founders of the religions and the holy books worshiped. Both religions are similar and different at the same time.

In the Hindu religion, the founder was not one person alone. Hinduism was developed over 3500 years ago by the Aryans. The Hindu religion was developed around the caste system. Important books of the Hindu religion are the Vedas. The Hindus are polytheistic, or they believe in many Gods. The caste system was the social class of India. At the top of the caste system were the Brahmins or the priests. Below them were the warriors followed by the merchants, the farm workers and lastly the untouchables. Some goals of the Hindus are to reach Moksha, or to be free of the caste system. The Hindu religion had many priests and religious rituals. Hinduism is still important and followed by people in India today.

In the Buddhism religion, there was only one founder. The founder was the Siddhartha Gantina. Siddhartha founded Buddhism in 560 B.C. Buddhists rejected the caste system. Instead they focused on individuals. Important books of the Buddhist religion are the Triptakas. Buddhists have no Gods. They believed if you follow the Four Nobile Truths and the Eight Fold Path, you will live a great life. Buddhism is important throughout Asia, but there are few followers of Buddhism in India today.
Hinduism and Buddhism share some beliefs as well. Both religions told people to live moral lives. People tried to live non-violent lives, or ahimsa. Both religions accepted reincarnation, which is the belief that after someone passes away, their soul, comes back to life in another body. The goal was to be united with an all powerful, spiritual force. They both thought animals were sacred.

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Hindus and Buddhists are vegetarians, and they don?t eat meat. Both religions share a lot of the same beliefs since the founder of Buddhism was a Hindu.

It?s amazing how two different religions can share so many beliefs and disagree on many other beliefs. Hinduism and Buddhism are very alike and different at the same time. Both religions are still being followed in India today, even though there are more people of the Hindu faith than the Buddha faith.

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