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Does Enopi/Eye Level work for my kids? Let's talk about this again.

Let's talk about Enopi, now known as Eye Level, again...

I knew I raved about its effectiveness a long while back when my boys were still young and in kindy. I'm  stillnot saying that it is not good but... yes, it has some 'Buts' now.

In my earlier post, I have quite a few comments from my readers about their opinion on Enopi and their recommendation of some other. Thanks so much :) !

Now that my boys are now older, I have to review some points here. At the start, Enopi for very young kids like 4 years and kindy has certainly helped them. My kids are still going there but Im having second thoughts for my eldest, Ryan now in Standard 3... and perhaps at later stage for Raymund who is now at Standard 1. Ryan is still practicing some additions and substractions but his school has gone much advance. The worse part is the method is not aligned to his school's. Children at this stage, if they can recognize that there are more ways to work out the Maths, it's good but I seriously think that it is expecting too much of them.

I'm planning to pull Ryan out of Enopi soon but Im leaving Rachel and Raymund there still. Enopi still gives them a good foundation. The practical skills in critical thinking and problem solving are also very useful and makes future comprehension of Maths easier. However, when the child moves to primary schools, there are obvious distinction in the teaching methods. I find my boys esp Ryan going on 2 different routes in learning Maths - in school and at Enopi. To say the least, Enopi is not helping with his everyday Maths needs for his school. And worse, I am beginning to notice that both his interest and performance in Maths is sliding. Is that what we want at this stage? Yes, if my child is super intelligent. At his point Ryan is really struggling. My experience when I was coaching his school work and Enopi is that the methods for each are trully not aligned and teachers in school are very adamant to use THEIR method. So, why stress my boy to learn 2 varying methods??

To point it out further, kids nowadays are already stress as it is with high level of difficulty in school (compared to my time really!) and time is not enough as it is. I for one have no intention of adding unnecessary stress to them.

Having said that, I am NOT degrading the importance of Enopi. Specifically for my kids, I feel that they have truly benefited at younger age and I'm still sending my youngest there to build her foundation. I still have no regrets over my decision to enroll them at Enopi at the younger age. But, I feel that I can put my older boy's time to better use and align it with his school's studies. Mathematics is a very important subject. At least, I'd want to reinforce his school studies instead of taking him to a different route. Moreover, he is still a banana going thru big challenges of a SJKC, both academically and emotionally.. sigh! That's another story.


Eye-Level (aka:Enopi) vs. Kumon

Dear Parents,

To answer your question about Eye-Level (formerly Enopi) vs. Kumon math please read the review below and pass it on to your Kumon attending friends.

Ignorance is not bliss:)

To read many other reviews o the topic you can click on the link at the bottom of this post. Please excuse the Filipino Slang that is used as these review come from the Philippines where both programs are highly prevalent and sought after.

Best Wishes,

Franco Verdino

FasTracKids and Eye-Level (aka:Enopi)

Regional Director.




Enopi, now Eye-Level, is the #1 Supplemental Math Program in South Korea.

South Korea is #1 in the world along with Singapore in math (see the latest 2011 TIMSS Scores.)

This program works wonders and has been in existence since 1976 with over 2.5 Million students enrolled worldwide!

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Hi! I agree with what teacher mommy said. My son and daughter were both enrolled at Kumon before. At first it was okay because they were made only to trace and count but then the difficult solving came they do not even give you any explanation on how they got the answer. basta answer lang sila ng answer. Every time I will bring them to Kumon center or to answer we have to fight about it with the kids. I even end up spanking them because they are not answering.

I have seen numbers of very good schools here that are already into curriculum used in the schools of industrious countries abroad which also focuses in higher order thinking. I have looked on it and it is very similar to Enopi.

Problem 1: my daughter was 3yrs above her level. Yes that is good. She got 2x gold awards but when it comes to school, she always has wrong answers on the easy ones because #1 may be she forgot about it because she is already very advanced. #2 she did not understand how she got the answer so when time came to solve again she cannot do it again. #3 she is really poor in word problem, abstract, and problem solving.

Problem#2 my son because of Kumon, hated and even trauma of Math. He used to love math in school but after a year in Kumon he began not to like it. Even the just looking at the number he will say "I don't know". What went wrong? He doesn’t like to go to Kumon. He will cry and begged me not to let him go.

Enopi just opened 2 years ago and at first I was hesitant because it was still new while Kumon has 500-600 kids at that center. I tried enrolling my son first and he at first was hesitant but after a while because the teacher was very supportive and the materials itself has explanation how you get to derive from that answer, then he became to understand and know the concept of Math. My daughter when she tried the assessment (remember she was 3yrs higher than her school level at Kumon) in Enopi she had a hard time, that is because she didn't understand the concept. Now my son love Math. I'm sold out to Enopi!!!!

Why no to Kumon? The centers are mostly after the money not the quality instruction for the students.

#1 They say that they build up independence of the child.... yes I agree with making a child to be independent but I think not to a point that the teacher do not take time to teach them the concepts of how they got the solving so that on their own no matter what they come across next time they can answer it however way it is presented to them.

#2 my daughter advanced 3 years from her school level. Her cousin 2 years advance. My son 1 year advance. Impressive? Yes. Impressive to the parents and something to be proud about that they receive medals those sorts of things. Was in beneficial to the kids? Not necessarily.

#3 Most centers ask the students to check their seat work instead of using that time to teach them new lesson. May be the centers don't have enough man power to check their papers?!?

#4 they always force students to stay because each child is a PESO sign to them. They do not think of what is best for the students but for them just to stay is good for them. If your kids are enrolled there, try telling the teacher that you decide to stop them then you will see that they will take special attention to your child that week or even that day only. And they will tell your kids something or some promises that will hold them. Even my child said to me "Mommy, how come when parents comes to Kumon and say that they will stop their kids... that day they will treat that kid very special". I heard many comments like these. Some even say that if they will not continue Kumon they will just not show up because if they will show up the Kumon center will just ask/force them to stay.

#5 Some kids will develop trauma or hate math.

#6 The child and parent relationship will be in trouble. even my friends child spend 4 hours just sitting and crying because her mother will not let him leave the table if he will not answer the 5 pages-worksheet.

#7 The teacher hardly knows the child because 1 teacher handles too many kids. Some even they cannot entertain questions anymore, they have to quit. Or other kids will choose not to ask teacher because if they do so they will be asked to repeat the same set of worksheets.

#8 Cannot solve problems. They can solve only what calculators can do. When it comes to word problem..... they lose. The founder of Kumon invented the method because his son was very poor in math, his son doesn’t need to understand math - he just needs to memorize the answers to be able to come up with answers. (Is your child poor in math....? do you want him/her to memorize math or you would rather want him/her to understand math...?)

#9 Kids’ NEVER enjoy math in Kumon.

#10 If you want to get rich - open a Kumon center.

Why Enopi? The teachers are all into helping the kids understand Math.

#1 They build up independence on the child by making them confident that no matter what the question is in Math they will be able to understand the question and know how to solve it. You can see it clearly because their worksheets are not repetitive.

#2 The Eye-level program is great because they are not up to advancing your child but they will develop the basic foundation to help child understand the why and how and what.

#3 Teachers are the ones who check ALL their worksheets. they have designated instructor. maximum of 5 students per instructor. So they know the kids, and they know how they are progressing and what they need more.

#4 One of my nephew is still 5 years old. My sister wants her to be enrolled at Enopi because she was very impressed by the curriculum. But within a month the teacher noticed that her son was still not ready for a supplementary school. They advised my sister to try again few months after because they feel that the money will be wasted if my sister pays monthly and the child is not performing. They do not force the kids to answer, they want kids to LOVE TO ANSWER. So my sister decided to enroll her son after few months. (very opposite to Kumon, because if you go to the Kumon Center they will not let you go).

#5 Kids will simply love math.

#6 With child and parent relationship no problem because the kids will be willing to answer by themselves because understanding the concepts of Math made it easy for them and each set worksheets/workbook have explanation to review the child of the "how".

#7 The teacher-student relationship is very good. And teachers there are very caring to the students.

#8 Can solve problems. They can solve what calculators cannot do. When it comes to word problem..... they good. They don't memorize the answer... they understand that is why they can answer.

#9 Kids’ enjoy answering Enopi, and enjoy going to Enopi.

#10 If you want to help the kids learn - open an Enopi center.

I have evaluated both Kumon and Enopi before I was able to arrive at these facts based on experience from both. Those who say go to Kumon never had a chance to see Enopi. Those who are from Kumon and saw how Enopi works will be the only ones to have the right to say what is really best and beneficial to the kids these days!

Link to review:

http://animetric.multiply.com/ journal/item/183/Kumon_or_E.nopi

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