Thesis Statement For Breastfeeding

Feeding your new baby is one of the first activities you accomplish as a mom. As a new parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your baby will get off to a good nutritional start. To do that means, you must decide what is best for you and your baby, whether to breastfeed, or to formula feed. Both choices have pros and cons, but it is totally up to you to choose which is best for you and your child.

There is no doubt that breastfeeding contains all the nutrients your baby needs for proper growth and development. Studies prove that breast milk provides optimal health benefits for your newborn. Mother’s milk is easily digested, has perfectly matched nutrition for the baby, and is filled with antibodies that protect against infection. Further more, breastfed babies are less likely to suffer from ear infections, diaper rash, and intestinal upsets. In addition, breast milk offers immune system boosters and fatty acids specific to humans that promote optimal brain growth.

Not only does breastfeeding benefit your baby, it has many advantages for you. Breastfeeding is convenient. There is no need to get out of bed at 2 a.m. to prepare a bottle. All you have to do is hold your baby to your chest and feed. Next, breastfeeding is very economical. Since breast milk is self- produced, you don’t need money to buy an endless supply of food. Last, breastfeeding is helpful in the process of returning your body to its normal state. While feeding, hormones are produced that make your organs contract into their natural size.

Formula feeding, though, is a good alternative for mothers who are unable to breastfeed due to a variety of reasons. For instance, some women are unable to produce milk. Certain breast reduction surgeries with nipple relocation could be an example of this situation. Also, any medication taken by a mother can be transferred through breast milk to the infant. So, if you are taking treatments such as, antibiotics, or anti- depressants, it would be best to formula feed because those drugs can enter your child’s system through breast milk.

Also, formula feeding can be a better alternative for mothers on the go. If you are a working mother, in school, or otherwise away from your child for long periods of time breastfeeding can be burdensome. Your child will cry for you, and your breast will leak in desperation for your baby. By formula feeding, you are given the chance to be away from your child, without worrying about him, or her crying for you. Their care- giver can prepare a bottle, and your baby’s hunger will be satisfied.

For the first few months of the baby’s life, it seems as if all the baby does is feed. But, your baby gets a lot more than nutrition from meals; Feeding your baby by breast or bottle also gives you and your child the cuddle, closeness, and bonding time necessary for a growing mother/child relationship. Your choice whether to breastfeed, or formula feed is exactly that…your choice. It is entirely a personal decision. You should look deep inside and decide what is best for you. Whatever you choose, it is the right decision, because you made the choice for yourself.

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50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Once again, there has been an incident where someone went up to a breastfeeding mother and told her she had to cover up or leave. Once again, the media feels to need to create a breeding ground for ignorance by asking questions like "should there be any restrictions on breastfeeding in public?" The answer to that stupid question (and yes...there are stupid questions), is simply NO. There should not be any restrictions. There is a myriad of reasons why women should and are able to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.

Human Rights

1. It is illegal to discriminate against or harass a woman because of her sex, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. (or if it isn't where you live, it should be!)

2. Telling a woman to cover up or to strip down is a tactic used to control women.

3. Telling women not to breastfeed in public is a mechanism for marginalizing women.

4. Child's right to eat. Period.

5. Child's right to eat without a blanket over their head.

6. Child's right to eat under sanitary conditions (i.e. not in a washroom).

7. Child, especially baby's, right to eat when they are hungry and in need of nourishment (not according to a schedule arbitrarily imposed to convenience others).

8. Person with disability's right to use the handicapped stall in a washroom when needed, rather than having to wait for a shunned nursing mother to finish nursing or pumping in there.

9. Because a baby's right to nurse is more important than your non-existent right to not have to look at things you do not like to look at.

Logistical reasons

10. To avoid nipple confusion (giving a bottle or pacifier before breastfeeding has been fully established can cause the baby to reject the breast).

11. Because it is a lot easier to just nurse anytime, anywhere than to try to plan the nightmarish logistics of having enough pumped milk with you for the time you will be out, as well as finding a private place to pump before your breasts explode.

12. Because babies often will not allow you to put a blanket or nursing cover over them and will push it off.

13. Because it is hard enough as it is for new moms to get their baby latched on properly, without having to worry about whether they are covering every inch of skin all of the time while doing so.

14. So that mothers can toss a diaper and some wipes in their bag and then go out, rather than being weighted down by having to prepare and lug around a huge diaper bag full of bottles, formula and/or pumped milk on ice, nursing covers, etc.

15. So that moms do not always have to be on the lookout for somewhere to warm a bottle while in public.

16. So that moms do not always have to be on the lookout for somewhere private to express their milk while in public.

17. So that when a mom ends up stuck somewhere longer than she planned, she doesn't ever have to worry about running out of food for the baby (or getting a breast infection because her breasts haven't been emptied in a long time).

18. So that a mother's older children are not prisoners of their younger sibling's need to nurse - a nursing mom can go with her older child to the park, to swimming lessons, to school pick up/drop off, etc.

19. So that breastfeeding moms do not lose their place in line by stepping out to nurse a baby in a private place.

20. So that other women do not have to wait even longer in line at public restrooms because all the stalls are full of breastfeeding moms.

21. So that breastfeeding moms do not end up with a soaking wet shirt when their milk lets down in public because their baby is crying.

22. So that breastfeeding moms do not need to leave their companions hanging in the middle of an interesting conversation by saying "excuse me while I go into the other room to nurse for 30 minutes."

23. Because frequent nursing helps mothers to maintain a good milk supply (inadequate milk supply is the most frequently cited reason for giving up on breastfeeding).

24. New moms have enough to worry about in their sleep deprived state without having to make special arrangements in order to accommodate your opinion about how they choose to feed their baby.

Financial reasons

25. So that mothers do not need to purchase unnecessary bottles, breast pumps, infant formula, nursing covers or other apparatus just to make a few squirmy people feel comfortable.

26. So that mothers do not waste gas going back home between errands in order to nurse at home, rather than in public.

27. So that mothers continue to be good consumers, spending their money in stores, cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, airlines, resorts, sporting events, and more all while nursing their child (instead of staying at home).

Societal reasons

28. To allow women to continue to be full participants in society even when they have an infant.

29. To cut down on unnecessary noise from babies and toddlers who are crying, when it could easily be fixed through the nourishment and comfort of their mother's breast.

30. So that you don't have to listen to a screaming baby while waiting for the bottle to be warmed up.

31. So that you don't have to wait longer for your meal or drink because the waiter or flight attendant is busy heating up a bottle.

32. Because nursing in public is a better (easier, quieter, more attractive) alternative to pumping in public and then feeding a bottle.

33. Because it is actually a lot more discreet to nurse without a cover than to have one of the "HELLO LOOK AT ME I'M BREASTFEEDING" covers over your baby.

34. Because if you are staring with your jaw open at a mom who is breastfeeding in public, you might miss some of the truly atrocious things that you would otherwise have been exposed to in public.

Normalizing Breastfeeding

35. Because breastfeeding should be seen as normal, and not something that needs to be hidden in the washroom or under a cover.

36. Bottles, rather than breastfeeding are often seen as the universal symbol for baby feeding, despite breastfeeding being the preferred method of feeding and more imagery of breastfeeding is required to combat this.

37. The infant formula and baby bottle industry flashes images of bottle feeding all over the place and since there is no money in the advertising of breastfeeding, breastfeeding moms are needed to combat that imagery with the "real thing".

38. Most women haven't had the advantage of seeing their mothers, aunts, and sisters breastfeed, so it is important for them to see others doing it so that they can learn how it is done. The 2 minute whirlwind breastfeeding positioning education given in the hospital just doesn't cut it compared with years of observation.

39. Women in certain socio-demographic groups have never seen another woman breastfeed and that is a huge barrier to them considering breastfeeding their own babies.

40. Women who do not nurse in public or who use nursing covers are likely to wean their baby earlier than those who nurse without a cover in public, which could mean that they do not meet their own breastfeeding goals and and that fewer women meet the goals prescribed by health authorities, such as 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and continued breastfeeding until at least age 2.

41. Children need to see breasts being used to feed babies before they are introduced to them as sex objects. This means that they should see their own mother (if possible) and other mothers breastfeeding, so that they understand the natural function of the breast.

42. Images of sexualized breasts are everywhere - from advertising to women walking down the street. If there is no breastfeeding in public, but sexualized images of breasts continue to be flaunted in public, our youth will grow up thinking that breasts are only sexual. This will make more women think it is "icky" to breastfeed and make more men have the attitude of "no baby is going to suck on those tits, they are all mine."

Just because

43. Because babies like it.

44. Because breastfeeding is beautiful and I'm sure there are more people who appreciate seeing babies being breastfed than there are people who oppose it.

45. Because mothers do not deserve to be belittled or humiliated when giving the best thing there is to their baby.

46. Because an awful lot of women show more breast when they are not breastfeeding than breastfeeding mothers show when they are breastfeeding.

47. Because I don't like the way you look, but you don't see me debating your right to be in public or suggesting you should undergo surgery or change your wardrobe before leaving the house.

48. Because companies like facebook continue to have screwed up policies that do not allow breastfeeding photos, but yet serve up ads with topless women in them.

49. Because you can turn your head or avert your eyes.

50. Because even one of these reasons is a good enough reason for continuing to ensure the rights of breastfeeding mothers and breastfed children and because every one of these reasons is more important than the "ick, I don't want to see that" excuses of those who oppose it.

Those are my 50 reasons. Which is your favourite? What did I miss?

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