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I bet in the early days of the Justice League, when the original seven were still trying to work as a team, before any of the sidekicks came, before the Justice League became a giant extended family, the other members would occasionally forget that Batman was a father to a tiny, energetic little boy until they were forcibly reminded.

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to move the budget meeting this Saturday. Yes, I’m afraid something more important has come up. Dick is asking to go back to the Natural History museum for the 6th time this month. He likes the wooly mammoths, they remind him of elephants.”

“Yes I understand, Luthor’s plans need to be… Wait, can you hold on a second Clark?… Dick, I swear to God if you jump off that banister you may survive the fall but you will not survive me, do you understand? Yes, I thought so… Sorry, you were saying Superman?”

 "Flash, act natural, pretend we are in a serious discussion and I am asking for your signature for very important League business and not because Dick has been begging for your autograph since he heard about you joining the team. Dammit Allen do not smile like that this is serious.“

"Get your mind out of the gutter Jordan, there’s a thunderstorm in Gotham and Dick’s stuffed animal was frightened of the lightening. Why else would he be in my bed at 4 in morning? More importantly, why are you calling at this hour causing my rightful cranky son to answer the phone?”

“You’re a magnificent warrior Wonder Woman but motherly you are not. You need to hold them properly, like this, to soothe their fears. Dick likes to be held after a nightmare, you just stroke their head, assure them that everything will be fine, perhaps rock them gently… genTLY DIANA.”

“Aquaman, do you have a moment? Dick’s been feeling a bit lonely at the manor, I’d like to get him a pet but with our busy schedules it needs to be something manageable. How the hell did you did ‘Tiger Shark’ out of 'Manageable’? I just want a damn goldfish." 

"I don’t take your meaning Cyborg I am very clearly doing work here. Yes, that monitor in the corner is always running, it’s just security footage from the house. Yes, I check in to make sure Dick is still safe in bed and he hasn’t been kidnapped or started climbing the chimney again. No, I am not being overprotective, just wait until you have children Victor then talk to me.”

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1

As we all know, in this issue Jason sends Dick some coordinates to his location because he needs his help, and Dick shows up to see what Jason wants. That being said, what stands out to me in this scene is when Dick says, “Look, I’ve got like a hundred things I need to get back to.” Dick has hundreds of things to do because he’s always on the move and working, but despite that, he takes the time out of his ridiculously busy schedule to come find Jason and see what he needs. Jason doesn’t even mention in his initial message why he needs Dick to come, Dick just assumes it’s important and he drops whatever he’s doing to come to Jason’s aid. And this isn’t the only time that Dick stops what he’s doing in order to help his family or to support them.

Batman #34

Exhibit A: Damian is upset because of Bruce’s engagement to Selina and because Bruce went to Khadym where Talia is. But instead of making Damian stay in Gotham to stew in confusion and frustration, Dick forgoes whatever responsibilities he has and goes with Damian to Khadym to support him (and, well, probably to make sure he doesn’t maim anyone). As you can tell from the panel above, Damian seems pretty grateful for it. 

Batman Gotham Knights #1

Exhibit B: Tim calls Dick because he’s worried about how Bruce is handling a case that Bruce feels personally connected to. As you can see above, Dick is originally heading towards Bludhaven, but as soon as he becomes worried about Bruce and wants to help him, he instantly switches his course and drives to Gotham. 

Robin #156

Exhibit C: Tim has self blaming tendencies and it’s extremely prominent in this issue. He’s in a negative headspace where he’s thinking: “I blame myself” and “I finally felt like I wasn’t ruining/ending the lives of everyone I met” etc. Anyways, he comes across a guy who’s attempting to commit suicide by jumping off of a building. Tim sits down with him and basically says, “Bad things have happened to me that I struggle to deal with. I remind myself that things get better, and if I have trouble remembering that, I find someone to talk to.” In reference to finding someone to talk to, Tim also says this, which is relevant to the panel above,

“Maybe they give you advice, and that’s great… or maybe they just listen sometimes, that’s all you need.” 

Tim, who’s obviously struggling with his own mental health issues, calls Dick. And guess what? Dick stops what he’s doing and takes the time to listen to Tim. Maybe he can tell from Tim’s tone that something is off and Tim needs him. Or maybe he just decides that having a chat with Tim is more important than going to wherever he was initially headed. Either way, Dick acts as Tim’s rock in this moment, and proves to put aside his own agenda in favor of being there for his brother. 

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