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Karachi is known as City of Lights mainly due to the city’s night life; it is famous for being a city that never sleeps

Karachi, the capital city of Sindh, is the biggest city of Pakistan and seventh biggest city of the worldwith an around 23.5 million population.It is otherwise called “The city of lights”. This city is likewise considered as the focal point of biggest industry from where various vocation openings emerge on regular routine. It is arranged at the bank of Arabian Sea and has various lovely spots for visitors to visit. Aside from Muslims, individuals having a place with various religious convictions live there with the flexibility of honing their religion. The city has two seaports specifically, Port of Karachi and Port receptacle Qasim contributing in global trade.The magnificence of this city for the most part lies in the colossal building structures, seaports, and wide streets with flawless lighting all around for which it is named as the city of lights. A portion of the imperative attractions of Karachi incorporate the accompanying spots:


Mazar-e-Quaid, otherwise called Jinnah sepulcher is where the remaining parts of the author of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah are resting. The remaining parts of his sister Fatima Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan, the principal head administrator of Pakistan are additionally resting at a similar place. This place is prevalent among local people as well as the outsiders who visit Pakistan. A fine lavish green garden makes it an awesome tranquil place where individuals visit of and on with family and companions. On exceptional events, the tomb is brightened with lights which one can without much of a stretch see from far away. The working of this catacomb was really composed by Yahya Merchant, a well known engineer.

Mohatta palace

A historically place of Karachi Mohatta Palace is situated in a present day part of Clifton zone. It was worked by a rich Indian businessperson named ShivratanChandraratanMohattain 1927, who used to dwell here in summers.The royal residence is wonderfully made with fine carvings and improved with Jodhpur stones alongside the blend of yellow stones which was really a customary Rajasthani plan of castles. Agha Ahmed Hussain composed it with flawlessness in an extremely excellent manner which can’t be found in the present engineering plans. The royal residence is presently utilized for directing numerous occasions like shows and other stylized social affairs. There is an exhibition hall which is dedicated to the craftsmanship and craftsmen of Pakistan to show their works.

Beautiful Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi, Pakistan


Masjid-e-Tooba is a fine blessed engineering place with the best outline and excellence which separates it from different spots. In spite of being the heavenly venerating spot of Muslims, it is extremely celebrated among outsiders and they come to visit it on need. It is privately known as Gol masjid. It was inherent Defense lodging specialist in 1969. The outlining of this mosque is asserted to be just single vault mosque on the planet which is architected with thought of acoustics. A man talking from one end can undoubtedly be heard at the flip side. The entire mosque is made into white stone which improves its excellence. This astounding mosque was really planned by the planner Dr. Babur Hamid Chauhan, who put his entire being in building this mosque.

Masjid Tooba – Karachi

Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim 

One of the best spots to be gone to. This stop is an expansive range situated close to the Clifton shoreline which is known as Karachi’s biggest urban stop. It is worked more than 130 sections of land. Individuals from everywhere throughout the nation and in addition abroad visit it often. The recreation center has everything including a turtle lake, 20 stone coverings and an excellent and substantial rose garden spreading scents all around. You can likewise observe paintings of dinosaurs there. Various occasions are likewise orchestrated there on extraordinary days. It was named after the immense Muslim warrior and champion Muhammad Bin Qasim. It is likewise considered as the biggest family stop of South Asia

Clifton Beach

The most well known place to visit in Karachi is Clifton shoreline where you can appreciate the waves rolling and touching the shoreline and on the off chance that you stand adjacent it will make you feel wonderful.It is thought to be the nearby shoreline where you can watch genuine Karachi culture. Another loaded with delight movement at this shoreline is riding on camel. This camel ride gives you a chance to have a legitimate perspective of the shoreline and Arabian Sea to the extent your sight comes to. On the off chance that you need to make them relieve time to discharge your everything stress, bear in mind to visit this spot

National museum of Pakistan
A truly important place keeping an awesome accumulation of practices and confirmations of antiquated circumstances which was set up in Frere Hall on 17 April, 1950. It was supplanted by Victoria historical center. The examples uncovering the history and culture of Pakistan are protected here to be considered, show and advance the significance of this area. The gallery has a considerable measure of stuff which was found from the remains of Indus valley progress and Gandhara human advancement alongside Islamic workmanship, smaller than usual compositions, various types of old coins and original copies having conventional, social and political significance. An intriguing display with statues of various ethnicity is likewise a piece of this exhibition hall. The remaining parts of Mohenjo Daro human progress are richly kept here which demonstrates that how imaginative individuals were who had a place with this locale. The specialty of the old individuals is absolutely exceptional to the present bits of craftsmanship. Going by this place will make you find out about the authentic estimation of this piece of Pakistan.

Final Words

So, whenever you plan to visit Karachi, don’t forget to visit these places which will let you explore more about this beautiful city of lights and you will enjoy each and every aspect of living there.

Aerial View of Clifton Karachi Pakistan


Karachi (Urdu: کراچی) is the largest city in Pakistan and the capital of the province of Sindh. Until 1958 it was also the capital of Pakistan.[1] The capital was then moved to Rawalpindi. In 2017 about 17.63 million people lived in Karachi.[2] It is the largest city in the Muslim world.[2]

Old names for the city include "Mai Kolachi Jo Goth" and "Karatishi". A native of Karachi is called a Karachiite. Quad-e-Azam (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) father of the nation was born and buried in Karachi. It has two important regional seaports. Karachi makes the largest share of Pakistan's GDP and national revenue.

Karachi has five districts: District South, District East, District West, District Central, and Distrct Malir. The city is the financial and commercial centre of Pakistan.

Karachi has 26 universities including the University of Karachi. It is home to the National Stadium, which hosts many cricket games, and several other sports complexes. The city has several long sandy beaches including Clifton/Kemari beach and Sandspit beach. Clifton beach suffered from an oil spillage but the beach was cleaned. Karachi has Pakistan's first nuclear site KANUP in 1952 from Canada. Karachi hosted the first ever night hockey match between India and Pakistan in 1986 at Hockey Club of Pakistan Stadium.

Karachi has many large and small shopping areas including the Saddar area in downtown Karachi. Karachi also has a number of large modern shopping malls. The city has a modern international airport called the Jinnah International Airport and two large shipping ports at Port of Karachi and Port Qasim. Karachi is linked by railway to the rest of Pakistan.

Karachi has a hot desert climate (BWh in the Koeppen climate classification).

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Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan
Coats of arms of the City District Government Karachi.

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